Yoga clothes are amazingly comfortable. They stretch and move easily, they are made of soft fabric that feels good against the skin, and they are designed for exercise so they’re perfect in warm weather. It’s really no wonder that people are wearing their yoga clothes outside of their classes more and more, incorporating them into their everyday wardrobe. There is a lot of debate over whether this trend is good or bad, with passionate arguments on every side, but the comfort of the clothing would seem to be a deciding factor. With that in mind, here are some tips for wearing your yoga clothes outside of classes and still look good.

Carefully Choose Where You Wear Them

This obviously must come first. Do not go into a super formal workplace in your yoga pants, or to a black-tie dinner. Yoga pants may work in a few circumstances outside of exercise class, but there is still a ban on them in certain situations. To determine if they are appropriate, you must know the culture and tone of the place you are going into. And, if in doubt, don’t wear them.

Make Sure Your Clothes are in Good Repair

This is not an excuse to wear your ugly, holey pants or that T-shirt with stains all over it out in public. For this trend to look good, and not a sign that you are too busy to care for yourself, the clothes must be in pristine condition. No exceptions, no matter how busy you are.

Accessorize Appropriately

Sometimes, it can be the additions that bring the yoga clothes from the gym out to the street. Accessorize to be congruent with the sporty, athletic feel of the clothing while at the same time lifting it above the pure function. This could be as simple as a pair of mirrored sun glasses that carry on the sleek feel of the yoga clothes while lending a more casual touch.

Add a Third Piece to the Look

Don’t just walk around in your yoga pants and top, add a third piece to the outfit, such as a jacket or a bold accessory, to give your look instant chic.

Add Layers

Because yoga clothes are usually tight, they are perfect for adding bigger pieces over the top. Whether it is a big jacket or long jumper, layering pieces with more volume over the top can give you a lot of warmth, and make your yoga pants look like a planned part of the outfit rather than a choice made for comfort

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Choose Neutrals

This is the final tip and it’s an obvious one. Whatever other strategies you are going to use to dress up your yoga clothes outside of the gym, most of them won’t work if your yoga clothes are brightly colored or have a lot of assorted colors in them. If you intend to wear them as part of a more casual look, it’s best to stick to neutral colors so they don’t draw more attention than you want them to.

Fashion trends come and go, and the recent trend for wearing yoga clothes outside of classes will probably be replaced with something new soon. But what will not change is that yoga clothes can be amazingly comfortable to wear. This means that ideas for how to make them appropriate in different situations and incorporating them into everyday wear, will always be welcome.