I met up with my girlfriend at the gym last Saturday, and she looked FABULOUS!

After we finished our workout, we chatted over avocado toast (yum…) and acai-agave smoothies.

She started off by thanking me for the gift I’d given her niece for her 7th birthday: the Craftster’s Woodland Animals Sewing Kit, an educational kit that teaches kids to sew stuffed animals. Her niece had a bit of trouble sewing straight lines, but she loved the uniquely mangled woodland creatures she helped bring into the world.

Then, my friend moved on to other news…

Her BF had just given her a new Android phone for their first anniversary, so I presented her with a Google Play Gift card so she could buy some decent apps.

I know she used Garageband on her iPhone to make sick beats, so I suggested FL Studio Mobile for her Android phone.

She also loves podcasts, and I know she used the Overcast app to automatically download and keep track of them.

So, I suggested Pocket Casts, which my BF loves to use on his Android phone to download podcasts for his commute.

She seemed to appreciate my suggestions, since she’d never had an Android phone before.

Coming down from the post-workout high, I suddenly noticed how awesome her leggings were.

I asked her point blank: “What type of leggings are those? You look AMAZING!”

She blushed as she told me her fashion secret: 90 Degree By Reflex!

I checked them out online, and they seem to have great leggings for a reasonable price.

Click here to see them!